Our Legacy

When developers arrived on the former Eppright homestead for their first look at the Wildhorse land, they were startled by the appearance of a large black stallion. The horse held their gaze for a moment before galloping off into the landscape. On return visits, they looked for the majestic animal, but he never reappeared.

A little research revealed that the dark stallion had a strong connection to the land, belonging to the very first builder to claim these rolling hills — Colonel George J. Eppright. Born into a family of early innovators, he lived on the cutting edge as a military pilot in the Experimental Engineering Test Division of the United States Army Air Corps.

Upon his retirement, Col. Eppright continued his bold legacy of adventure by establishing a homestead on hundreds of acres in eastern Travis County, carving out a satisfying life of farming, ranching and philanthropy. While he passed in 1998, Eppright’s legend lives on in this mystic tale.

When he was no longer able to ride, the Colonel released his final and favorite horse – a magnificent black stallion – to pasture on his vast expanse of land. The horse remained out of sight for years, and following Col. Eppright’s death, the land was offered for sale. That’s when the developers visited Wildhorse, and were welcomed to the land by the Colonel’s proud steed. No trace of him has ever been found – after paying his respects to the new masters of the land, he simply vanished. Today, the Wildhorse community is proud to uphold the legacy of the land in name, beauty and spirit.